Najwa Latif and YUI

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Have you heard Cinta Muka Buku song by Najwa Latif? First time I heard this song a few months ago in HotFM. Her voice remind me to Japanese singer, YUI.

YUI was initially an independent singer. Before becoming a singer, he often performed at Tenjin Station, Fukuoka as a street singer.

I started listening to YUI’s song at the end of 2005. At that time her single, Life has became the ending song of Bleach, the famous anime series in Japan. Since then, I fell in love with YUI’s songs including It’s Happy Line, Feel My Soul, Tomorrow’s Way, Tokyo, Good-bye Days, Rolling Star, Cherry, My Generation, Namidairo, Again and Laugh Away.

Back to Najwa, I do not know much about this girl but I know she also an independent singer who publish her song in Youtube. And I think she have almost same voice as YUI. I hope her singing career will continues like Yuna. (Yuna also start from Youtube).  Hopefully there will be more independent singers will enliven our Malaysian music industry.

Let me end this post with preview of Cinta Muka Buku (Najwa) and Laugh Away (YUI). [just click Play to start] [mp3t track=”Najwa-YUI.mp3″ title=”Cinta Muka Buku & Laugh Away”]


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  • YUI is different with other artists…her songs are not just any kind of song that doesn’t have any message. All of her song are very inspirational and have deep meanings…if you listening and understand her songs, then you will know how we (YUI lovers) feel when listening to her songs. Her songs are really gives an impact to the listener. Btw, the first song I heard from YUI is Goodbye-days. Nice entry anyway =)

  • hye there. you probably wondered why I came your blog. thats because I want to find the latest pictures and I stumbled across this yui. excuse me, but I do not like you equate Najwa latif with yui. yui is my favorite singer and no one can be like her. I’ve heard Najwa latif voice. no similarities between them. yep i live in new york but please do not do this again. YUI is YUI. how dare you equate him with Najwa latif. i hate it. i must admit yui is the best singer and her face looks cute and calm : 3 the yui voice ahhh ~ always in my mind forever.

  • Assalamualaikum ! :DD hehe . uhmm najwa latif masih baru lagi dalam industri seni niee, masih jauh lagi perjalanannya 🙂 walaubagaimanapun, dia mempunyai masa depan yang cerah dengan vokal dia yang lunak dan merdu. but, saya lagi lagi lagi suka YUI YOSHIOKA sebab dia fav singer saya :DD jika awak memahami satu per satu lagu YUI, awak akan mendalami lagu tu dengan hati yang gembira kerana setiap lagu yang dibawa oleh YUI sangat mendalam dan memikat hati fans nyaa \^^/ yui adalah seorang yang tenang, tabah dan punyai semangat yang tinggi ^ ^ YUI I MISS YOU ~ #saya sempat buat lirik lagu yang dibuat oleh saya menerusi lagu YUI- A G A I N :)) thats my version hihiw.

  • i oso did not agree with this similarity u put between the 2 artists.. haiyaa… cmon, how can najwa be compared with yui? although najwa’s song is catchy, but it is also so childish (read:stupid)… yui is smart, original, and more spiritual…. voice also not same la haiyaaa….. u just ruined my mood today…. 🙁 🙁

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